Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweeps Services


Without being protected all new and existing masonry chimneys are susceptible to water damage, even if repaired. Because chimneys project above the roof line, they are vulnerable to the elements. Water damage can be prevented.

Rebuild Crowns

Improperly built crowns are another common problem, usually cracked or poorly constructed—allowing water penetration and creating more damage on your chimney..

Chimney Caps

The best way to prevent moisture from rain and snow, animals, leaves, and other debris from entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap. Our high-quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty.

Chimney Dampers

We offer repair and replacement on dampers, both at the bottom of the chimney as well as top sealing dampers.

Water Leak & Condensation Resolution & Repair

If water is damaging your fireplace inside or out, we’ll find and fix it—no matter the source.

Smoking & Draft Problems

We offer effective solutions for fireplaces and wood stoves that cause smoke problems inside your home.

Animal Removal

Squirrels are great climbers and they need a safe and dry place for building a nest. No cap means an open invitation to build a nest inside your chimney.  We offer removal of squirrels, birds, raccoons, and other animals from your chimney.

If you have another chimney problem not listed above, please call us anyway! We’ll try to solve your problem or direct you to another professional who may be able to help.