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Pittsburgh chimney water leak repair

Are you experiencing water leaks in your chimney? Water infiltration can lead to serious structural damage, mold growth, and other problems. If you notice any moisture around your chimney, it's important to contact us right away. Chimney Cricket offers comprehensive chimney leak repair services to identify and fix the root cause of the issue. Our experienced technicians will inspect the source of the water leak and provide an effective solution to resolve the issue, from simple flashing repairs to more complex chimney rebuilds. Don't let water damage compromise the safety and integrity of your chimney – contact us today for expert leak repair services.

Chimney Cricket's Expert Chimney Leak Detection and Repair Services

At Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweeps, we understand the importance of addressing chimney leaks as soon as possible to prevent serious damage to your home and chimney. Signs of a chimney leak can include dampness or discoloration on the ceiling and walls near your fireplace, a rusty damper, white staining on exterior masonry, water in the firebox, and unpleasant odors from the fireplace. Our expert technicians have the skills and experience to identify the source of the leak and perform the necessary repairs to protect your home and chimney. Contact us today to schedule a chimney leak inspection and repair service.

Based on the nature of the leak, we may perform any of the following services and more:

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps help prevent rain and snow from entering your chimney and causing moisture problems, as well as keeping animals, leaves, and other debris out. If the cap is damaged, missing, or poorly installed, it can be a cause of a leaky chimney. At Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweeps, we offer stainless steel caps that come with a lifetime warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your chimney is protected.

Chimney Crowns

A chimney crown is the concrete or mortar top surface of the chimney that seals the top opening. Over time, the chimney crown may crack, deteriorate, or shrink, which can lead to gaps or holes where water can seep through and penetrate the chimney's interior. Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweeps offers professional chimney crown repair and replacement services to ensure that your chimney is protected from water damage and leaks caused by a deteriorated or poorly constructed chimney crown.

Chimney Lining

A damaged or deteriorated chimney lining can also be a culprit for a leaky chimney. The chimney lining serves as a protective barrier between the chimney and the rest of the house, preventing heat, moisture, and gases from seeping into the walls or attic. If the lining is cracked, missing, or degraded, water can seep in and cause damage to the chimney masonry and the surrounding structure. Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweeps offers chimney lining repair and replacement services to prevent leaks and ensure the safety and efficiency of your chimney.

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Chimney leaks can cause extensive damage to your chimney and fireplace. If you've experienced extensive water damage or other issues due to a leaky chimney, Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweeps can address any masonry issues by providing repair or rebuild services to help restore your chimney's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our experienced sweeps will assess the extent of the damage and provide you with a comprehensive plan for repair or rebuild. We use high-quality materials and proven techniques to ensure that your chimney is restored to its full potential, and we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

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